Project Details

Scope of work included public park improvements, playgrounds and site furnishings.
  • Playground installation
  • Demolition of old playground
  • Fitness equipment installation
  • Handrail installation
  • Park bench placement and installation
  • Picnic table placement and installation
  • Concrete curb installation
  • Sidewalk installation
  • Concrete removal

The city of White Plains contracted Paladino Concrete Creations to improve Kittrell Park, a 1.67-acre public park located just steps from the city’s downtown area. Paladino Concrete Creations installed fitness equipment for public use, making the park the first in White Plains to boast this feature. Additionally, Paladino Concrete Creations installed a new playground, handrails, park benches, picnic tables, and concrete curbs and sidewalks. Paladino Concrete Creations constructed the playground with accessibility and adaptability in mind, as the playground is fully inclusive. This playground ensures that children with disabilities face no obstacles to playing there too.

During construction and excavation at Kittrell Park, Paladino Concrete Creations discovered a large concrete foundation from an old building. Paladino Concrete Creations worked rapidly to safely remove this old foundation and ensure that the new playground construction could continue as planned while staying on schedule. The improvements to Kittrell Park have ensured that White Plains residents, visitors, and families can enjoy state-of-the-art playgrounds, fitness equipment, and other accommodations in a beautiful environment just steps from a thriving urban environment – just as the city of White Plains set out to achieve.

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