At Paladino Concrete Creations, we specialize in commercial streetscaping services that beautify outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes. We offer detailed, attentive work on complex beautification projects that rejuvenate and modernize parks, municipal complexes, office parks, and more.

Downtown Beautification

Upgrading streetscape designs is a surefire way to breathe new life into a municipality’s public spaces. Downtown beautification makes cities appear welcoming and exciting while bolstering their infrastructure and accessibility for pedestrians, commuters, drivers, and bikers alike.

Playground Installation

Installing modern playgrounds brings parks and downtown areas into the present while giving young kids a fun, safe place to play and make friends. With proper installation, playgrounds can appear as gorgeous as a park’s ample greenery or as futuristic as a city block’s architecture. Safety and accessibility are taken into account with each installation.


Design is just as important as functionality when your outdoor spaces are concerned. Boulders, retainer walls, flatwork, pavers, and curbs have both beautification and practical purposes, and their proper layout and installation quite literally shapes your project.


Pavers are an essential tool for creating gorgeous pathways as decorative as they are sturdy. Available in concrete and granite, there’s no commercial setting that pavers can’t enhance and beautify.

Asphalt and concrete paving

Proper asphalt and concrete paving addresses public safety concerns vital to any downtown area’s proper functioning. By limiting potholes, cracks, and other roadway and sidewalk disturbances, the likelihood of injuries, accidents, and fatalities among people including drivers, bikers, and pedestrians will drastically decrease. Not to mention, cracks and potholes are unsightly — repaving addresses those eyesores. Additionally, asphalt and concrete paving offers a simple method for upgrading a public basketball or tennis court that, despite its popularity among local residents, is in desperate need of repairs and safety improvements.

Rentals On Hourly/ Daily Basis

Truck rentals (Triaxle dump trucks, roll off container truck & 6 wheeler dump trucks etc.) Equipment rentals (Excavators, skid steer, light towers, messages boards)

Pedestrian lighting

Ample street and pathway lighting helps increase public safety while beautifying parks, playgrounds, downtown areas, and more. Increasing the number of lights along a park pathway or city street helps people feel safe and prevents them from feeling lost in an area they might know well by day.

Curbs and sidewalks

Leveling curbs and widening sidewalks is a subtle but worthwhile change that helps residents feel more comfortable walking crowded city streets. New concrete work can offer a hassle-free but game-changing solution to cracks in the pavement and gaps in the sidewalk.

Site furnishings

Installing bike racks, upgrading benches, and improving garbage disposal options along city streets and park pathways all make downtown areas more appealing. When parks and city streets have more spaces for bikers to park their bikes, more benches for groups of friends to sit on, and more conveniently placed trash and recycling receptacles, people can more easily enjoy the time they spend there.


Utility concrete work keeps rainwater from accumulating on stormy days and potentially damaging precious commercial concrete, site furnishings, and streetscaping — not to mention, it’s frustrating for people who have to walk around large puddles to avoid them. Water mains and drainage systems direct rainwater where it’s needed, whether rain is actively falling or runoff remains from a recent storm. 

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